Done Deal or Dumb Deal - January 2018

    I am so tired of hearing "It's A Done Deal". This is crunch time...and the only people that can help are Senator Chris Jacobs and Angelo Morinello. Let's ask them to stand up for what is right.

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West River Path Timeline:

       1998 Grand Island Master Plan included a Path between the Parkway and the River.

      June 2, 2014 - Grand Island residents and groups are supportive of a Path between the parkway and the River. Town Board votes unanimously for the Path between the Parkway and the River. Federal TAP funds are approved for the project with the stipulation, NO CHANGES to the plan without agreement of All Parties and required quarterly meetings .

      May 5, 2016 - Supervisor mentions NYS plan to Close the Parkway in workshop meeting, after acknowledging two hour meeting with State representative in January 2016. A video appears on Facebook of helicopter ride, calling the Parkway a "Dead Road", advocating for a World Class Park. Keep in mind our Supervisor is still employed by Delaware North as Vice President of Development.

       July 20, 2016 - State Parks presents option #3 Closing the Parkway, immediately 73% or Grand Island people were against closing.
The first time the State ever mentioned Closing the Parkway. All the meetings in the Fall of 2015, Closing the Parkway is NEVER mentioned.

      August 1, 2016 - Town Board Votes 3 to 2 against Closing West River Parkway. Additional polling during comment period generated even more, 80% against closing.

      November 2016 - State refuses to participate in Open Forum Town Board meeting regarding Parkway Closure and Options #4 and #5.

      December 2016 - State announces formally in a Memorandum to the Town Board indicating its choice is Option #3 Closing the Parkway.

      August 21, 2017 - Town Board Motion requesting Mark Thomas and New York State Parks honor the Original Agreement. Passes 5 to 0

       Safety issues were NEVER addressed, no SEQR or EIS, a Violation of State Law! Ultimately Using Federal Funds for a totally different project also a Violation of State Law!

      Currently the parkway services 1500 or more cars a day, including ALL police agencies, school buses, Border Patrol the list goes on... When people suggest the Parkway is closed in the winter... that is a choice the State made to save money, it should be maintained year round. The State has refused to directly address the maintenance issue.

      Now For the Safety Concerns: Think for a second if you lived on Staley Road, with serious traffic concerns, NOW, diverting 1500 cars a day on the Town and County roads will cost Island Taxpayers money. Staley, Alvin, Baseline and West River Service Road are all paid for with Grand Island Taxpayers Money.

      Don't forget the State took the land from Grand Islanders, promising a Scenic Parkway, costing the Town of Grand Island millions in reduced property taxes. That was waterfront property they took, the most valuable asset the Town of Grand Island has. The State of New York owns or controls more that half of the islands waterfront and Islander still have to pay to get into Beaver Island State Park and tolls to get home.

This is not a West River Homeowner issue, it affects ALL Islanders AND it WILL cost Grand Island Taxpayers money.

Reg Schopp

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